Do you realize that Jesus is praying for you?  When we experience painful trials and dark storms, it’s easy to lose sight that Jesus is actually pulling for you.  In John 17:20, he said “I am  praying not only for these disciples, but also for all who will ever believe because of their testimony.”  Although Jesus knew his death was at hand, he also knew his purpose would be carried on through countless generations.  His desire is that we would be ONE united with him, just as he and his father are one.  It’s my prayer that denominational walls would fall, bringing unity to believers everywhere around the world.  God wants to carry out his purpose in our generation, through the investment he placed in you.  My pastor shared an awesome truth recently.  He said, “Even though you’re flawed, you’re still called.”  Remember, Christ’s strength shines through in weakness.  When you feel inadequate for the task at hand, know that Jesus is praying for you.

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