11-11-16 Blog Post

Yahoo Finance released a survey saying 35 percent of people have called in sick without actually being sick.  Some of their reasons included things like “The ozone layer in the air flattened my tires.” Someone else said “My roots were showing so I had to keep my hair appointment because I look like a mess.”  Another employee admitted accidentally eating cat food instead of tuna, so now they’re ill and can’t come to work.  I must admit when I read this, I laughed thinking “Really?”  However, on a deeper level, has God ever called you to do something, but you’d come up with excuses as to why you couldn’t or shouldn’t?  I know I have.  Jeremiah tried explaining to God he was too young to speak the truth of the Lord’s message.  When Moses was called, his reasoning at first was “I can’t speak for you, I have a stuttering problem.”  Although these people had their struggles, they somehow pushed their excuses aside, allowing God to work through their weaknesses.  It’s my prayer as well.  Please work through my weaknesses and struggles so I can become the person you want me to become.  It’s amazing how God chooses ordinary people to embrace his call to do extraordinary things.  He wants your heart.  It’s the best place to start.

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