A True Mystery

We’ve all pondered the age-old question, “How on Earth can I neatly fold a fitted sheet?” We have all tried it, but few have succeeded. If you’re like me, you get started on the right path – match the corners and try to make sure that the sheet is all one-way. But, sadly, when it comes to folding it, the neat-fold alludes us. I take comfort in the fact that nobody will ever look to see if my sheets are neatly folded, and since no one will see it, it’s not that important. So, I get it half-way there and then roll it up. It works for me. But, if your conscience is getting the better of you and you feel the need to have a beautifully folded, crisp fitted sheet, here is a video with a few pointers. Enjoy! – Steven Speegle (Business Impact Partner Coordinator)


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