As We Ascend Releases First Single Wash Away to iTunes

As We Ascend’s first single “Wash Away” is now available on iTunes, six days before the completion of their PledgeMusic campaign to fund the full length album Farewell to Midnight.

In addition to being available on iTunes, “Wash Away” is also going for adds at radio. The PledgeMusic campaign is currently at 95% of its goal. You can listen to “Wash Away” below.

As We Ascend, formed by former members of We As Human, launched their PledgeMusic campaign with the unique invitation to fans to “be our label.” Any pledgers at an amount over $50 get access to help the band make decisions about crucial creative elements, such as artwork and even the album tracklist. 

The song “Wash Away” saw a soft launch this summer, with the band distributing it through a grassroots, fan-driven approach. With the iTunes release, all PledgeMusic backers also received the song. 

You can back the project at and keep up with As We Ascend on facebook and instagram.

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