Dara Maclean Delivers New Easter Worship Single

Word Records recording artist, Dara Maclean’s latest release was the single “Blameless” in August of 2014 and followed her sophomore album, Wanted, which released in 2013. So it’s a welcome surprise to learn that Dara has released a new track featuring worship leader Chris McClarney just in time for the Easter season. 

“‘Ashes’ represent death,” explains Dara. “Is there any area of your past you can look back to and see ashes? See brokenness, places you want to mend, places that have any kind of devastation? I think that’s all of us. I see a world of beauty and brokenness all around us, namely because I’ve seen myself. However, I’ve seen something greater. I’ve seen Jesus, seen the way He works, the way He heals, the way He completely and totally restores what was horrifically and utterly stolen and once dead.

Jesus died to give us total beauty for ashes. You and I were not meant to just be saved from hell, but hell on earth. Trials yes, persecutions yes, things that are unfair yes, BUT GOD! Here’s the rest of the story; loved without reserve, yes! ‘More than a conqueror’, yes! All the promises of God, ‘in Him, are yes and amen’!

God is a Father whose character is more true and pure than the driven snow. A Father that whether you know it or not, has never once left you, nor would He ever forsake you, even on the darkest day that you still don’t understand. There is an enemy, ‘the thief comes only to steal kill and destroy, but I have come that you would have life and life more abundantly’ (John 10:10 ESV).

But, there is a Father who defeated him and sent His son for love, to not only die, but to be raised again so that you and I could see every area of our hearts, families and dreams raised back to life for the glory of God.

I pray your heart comes alive as you discover Gods heart for you in the face of what Jesus did through His death and resurrection. Thank you for listening and sharing my new song ‘Ashes’ with those that need to hear the greatest story ever written, the story of the cross.”

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