DCTalk Announces Train Event

As the final rooms aboard the Jesus Freak Cruise sell out, dcTalk has taken fans’ overwhelming response as a mandate to keep performing together.

To that end, TobyMac, Michael Tait and Kevin Max have announced the first-ever Jesus Freak Train–a special event next winter that will once again see dcTalk and their fans traveling across long distances to make memories and hear good music.

“All aboard the J-Train!” reads the headline at the official website for the event, which takes place along the eastern seaboard Jan. 13-18. The J-Train, of course, is a direct reference to a TobyMac song of the same name.

The train will leave from Grand Central Station in New York City and will head down the coastline, stopping in **CITIES** before concluding in Roanoke, Virginia. 

“Unlike the cruise, which has a set number of cabins we could sell, this event is easily customizable,” said Jesus Freak Train executive director Tim Ghat-Crane. “We can add sleeper cars as we need them.”

Fans have already spent considerable time choo-chooing on the idea of this new event, with many questioning how the band would provide meaningful performances in such cramped quarters. 

When asked about where and how the band would perform, Ghat-Crane said they haven’t yet worked out all the specific details, although he expects that the band would play “at least two-dozen specific concerts” in the dining car, 50 people at a time for 5 minutes, so everyone gets to see them perform. 

The issue of quality and quantity performances threatens to derail the event, as early sales have run out of steam. Ghat-Crane, however urges patience as the event unrolls its full plan. 

“We’ll be back ‘on track’ soon,” he said. “I have no doubt that we’ve ‘engineered’ a ‘runaway’ hit the likes of which the industry has never seen!”

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