“FIVE Champions of Canaan” Available As Free Download For Limited Time

Critics of gamers have it wrong.  People who play video games aren’t looking for an escape–they are searching for an adventure. That search ends today with the most recent adventure from video game developer Kingdom Games which is making FIVE: Champions of Canaan available FREE for a limited time. 
Kingdom Games was launched three years ago, with a vision to engage the imagination, and to inspire character development through their cutting-edge games. They set out to develop one of the best action, adventure games in the world “driven by the idea that exhilarating and great entertainment should not only challenge game playing prowess, but open up new worlds to explore spiritual, historical and artistic value.” 
The company assembled a team of game-developers whose experience includes development for games including Call of Duty: Ghosts, Darksiders, Deus Ex, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Mass Effect. In the end, what they created is a series of games that provide players hours of non-stop, action-packed adventures that are reminiscent of Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo series.  

Kingdom Games has produced two high-level games which have seamlessly embraced the story, times, culture and lands surrounding King David.  These compelling stories emerge from a stunning sensory experience of great visual graphics, gripping sound, music and voice quality combined with a high quality of movement and transition. 
FIVE: Guardians of David is an eleven-act epic, that follows the biblical King David and his guardians, along with a multitude of soldiers and Goliath-sized bosses. You will be encouraged and inspired, according to Kingdom Games, to “find true heroism through service, honor, and strength of spirit.”  
FIVE: Guardians of David contains 15-20 hours of gameplay that has, as review SearchGaming at KeenGamer said, “great level design, [and] the art team really captures an environment that makes the player feel like they are in ancient biblical times and cities, participating in ancient battles.” So, level up your character, master the many weapons, miraculous abilities, and armor you pick up, and adapt your fighting style with the fluid character swap system. FIVE: Guardians of David is available for purchase, and makes a great gift for gamers ages teens and up this Christmas.  
FIVE: Champions of Canaan is an action, adventure game where you battle your way to honor and glory in the ruthless fighting arenas of the ancient world. You will lose yourself in forging the perfect hero to defend your family’s honor. Master the skills and abilities of multiple weapons to overcome the hordes of enemies that threaten your legacy. 

For a limited time, Kingdom Games is offering Champions to you FREE. CLICK HERE to download your copy of FIVE: Champions of Canaan. Don’t waste a second on this limited time offer. If you’re ready to get lost in adventure, then these games are for you.  

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