Hawk Nelson Song Featured in “Jumanji” Trailer

Any Hawk Nelson fans who watched the latest trailer for the new Jumanji remake may have been pleasantly surprised to hear the pop/rock icon’s song “Just Getting Started” playing in the background. The upbeat anthem is featured on the band’s 2015 release Diamonds.

Hawk Nelson frontman Jon Steingard shared the trailer to Instagram and wrote, “Suuuper stoked that our Hawk Nelson song Just Getting Started was used in the new trailer for Jumanji! Never thought I’d hear our music over The Rock’s face!”

Co-writers of the song, Jordan Mohilowski of The Afters and independent artist Sam Tinnesz, posted similar updates to their social media, sharing their enthusiasm for the song’s featured spot in the trailer. Ainslie Grosser who mixed the song wrote, “Always loved this movie so it’s cool to hear something I mixed on the trailer!”

To celebrate the occasion, Hawk Nelson announced a giveaway on their Facebook to anyone who could correctly name the movie and song before they announced it. The winners were entered to win 2 tickets to the movie when it releases in theaters.


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