John Mark McMillan Launches Pre-order for “Mercury & Lightning”

John Mark McMillan has launched a pre-order for his upcoming album Mercury & Lightning through PledgeMusic. The album has been preceded by the release of “Wilderlove” and “No Country.” 

The PledgeMusic pre-order gives fans the chance to purchase a wide range of merch packages, with each one providing access to exclusive behind-the-scenes information approaching the album’s release. The pre-order was launched in part due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the single “Wilderlove,” released this summer. “After the exciting response we got from the release of my first single, Wilderlove, I had to find a way to get you guys as involved as possible in the release of the full record– so that’s why we’re here!” McMillan shares on his PledgeMusic page. You can watch the music video for “Wilderlove” below.

Everyone who pre-orders Mercury & Lightning will get an instant download of “Wilderlove” and newly-released song “No Country.” The new song deals with isolation and the human desire to be understood. “There was a point when I was afraid to finish this song,” McMillan admits. “I abandoned it multiple times asking myself, ‘How many people really want to hear a white guy singing about being marginalized?’ Sure, I know how it feels to be lonely and misunderstood, but I’ve certainly never been discriminated against. I’ve never been asked and certainly not forced to vacate the luxuries and safety of my middle class suburban situation. So, what am I even singing about? Refugees? Sure. Racism? Yes. Immigration? Sure. Politics? Maybe. Relationships? Aging? Yes and yes. But… Ultimately I think that the song is summed up in one line: ‘Do you see me?’ It’s the cry of all of us–to be known.”

That kind of vulnerability characterized John Mark McMillan’s last full length album Borderlands, and promises to saturate Mercury & Lightning as well. You can pre-order the album here and keep up with his continuing musical ventures on facebook, instagram and twitter

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