for KING & COUNTRY Releases Music Video for “O God Forgive Us” Featuring KB

Word Entertainment duo For King &Country released the much-anticipated music video for their song “O God Forgive Us” today. The song, originally featured on the group’s 2014 album Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong, was released as a single in April with a powerful added verse by hip hop artist KB.

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Luke and Joel recently commented about their reasoning behind the song’s re-release. “Six months ago, we were conflicted about releasing another single. As we were praying about it, God helped us to see that our song ‘O God Forgive Us’ needed to be heard during a time where many of us blame others rather than actually looking within and saying, ‘God, it starts with me. It starts with my heart. Forgive me for the wrongdoings in my life.’ When people ask for forgiveness, that’s when the world is able to unite as one. We became so passionate about forgiveness that we no longer questioned whether we should remake the song as a single. It became a must.”
The combination music/lyric video begins with Luke and Joel stepping up to a projection screen displaying footage of war, bombings and other atrocities. We also see younger versions of the brothers, played by Luke’s sons, Phoenix and Jude Smallbone, on the opposite side of the projection curtain. KB steps up beside Luke and Joel for his verse and we see young KB, portrayed by his son, KBJ, step up on the opposite side of the screen. As KB finishes his verse with, “On bended knee, unite us all, set us free,” the song transitions to its climax and the projection sheet drops, removing the barrier between the past and present versions of the three artists. The video ends with the artists embracing their younger selves.

“We did this to symbolize forgiveness of our past mistakes.” Luke and Joel wrote in a press release. “The great hope of the world is that we’ve all been offered grace and we should celebrate it by forgiving ourselves and forgiving others. We hope that this video encourages you to look within, to ask God for forgiveness, and to find peace and healing with your own past. 
If you’d like to know the guy’s secret for keeping their miniature versions entertained during the video shoot, you can check out the live Facebook video the band recorded today, featuring the adorable Jude. You can also watch the behind-the-scenes video here.
For King & Country will be performing at the KLove Fan Awards this weekend at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville. You can still vote for the Aussie duo under the categories “Group or Duo of the Year,” “Artist of the Year,” and “Song of the Year” for their single “Priceless” by clicking here.

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