Remedy Drive Announces Title For 2017 Album

Remedy Drive has announced that their new album, coming later this fall, will be titled The North Star

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The band has been writing and recording The North Star throughout 2017, beginning in Southeast Asia, where they have been consistently involved in counter-trafficking efforts in partnership with The Exodus Road. They have shared lyrics and inspiration along the way on social media. On September 15, they shared the album’s title and a glimpse into a photoshoot with Jeremy Cowart, the photographer and philanthropist who also photographed their 2008 album Daylight and 2014’s Commodity.

The North Star will continue the work that Remedy Drive started with Commodity, aiming to raise awareness and funds to counter human trafficking as well as to shine a little hope into those dark places. “These songs of freedom are all I ever have,” lead singer David Zach shared in a recent Facebook post. “Five loaves and two fish. One note at a time in the firefight. Pushing back on the shadow in the twilight.”

Remedy Drive will be bringing their new songs on the road through several concerts this fall; you can find a full list of events at An official album release date hasn’t been announced, but Remedy Drive has promised it will be coming soon. 

To keep up with Remedy Drive’s music and work in support of justice, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also find out more about how to get involved by visiting The Exodus Road’s official website and Facebook page

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