Switchfoot Releases Lyric Video for “I Won’t Let You Go”

Alternative rock band Switchfoot released a new lyric video this week for their song “I Won’t Let You Go,” from their latest album Where the Light Shines Through. You can watch the video below.

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The first two and a half minutes of the video focus in on a pair of feet walking through various landscapes, giving the impression that the video’s protagonist is on a journey, perhaps symbolizing a journey of faith. Once we near the song’s climax, we see the camera zoom out to reveal a young girl in a hoodie, standing pensively on a beach. The camera zooms in on the girl’s face as frontman Jon Foreman sings about letting go of doubt and trusting that God won’t let you go. The scene changes again as the song’s tempo picks up and we see the girl running toward the camera, her face slowly changing from brooding to a huge beaming smile as Jon sings that there’s no darkness that can tear us away from God’s love.

Foreman wrote about the song in a Stories Behind the Songs segment on the band’s website last fall: “I tried to sing this one from the other side–from the inside of love, from the conclusion of the story. If the author of time and space, the one who breathed my soul into existence, were to sing me a song about trust, it might go something like this, ‘I love you and I won’t let you go.’ I believe that where you put your trust begins to define you. This is a song about learning to trust in a transcendent love that will never leave me.” You can read the full entry here.

Along with the lyric video, the band posted on Instagram here inviting fans to share their stories connected with the song, or to share stories of someone who “has epitomized selfless love for you.” The band will be continuing to share some of their favorite fan stories over the next few weeks. To read the stories, you can follow Switchfoot on Instagram and Facebook.

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