Third Day Literally Phoning In New Album

As Mac Powell crisscrosses the country with TobyMac on the Hits Deep Tour, fans are wondering if his band, Third Day, is on the verge of calling it quits after more than 25 years. 

Responding to mounting queries on social media, the band released a statement that they were “taking a breather” to avoid burnout and to restore their creative and physical energy. 

Furthermore, they said they were on the verge of releasing a surprise new album.

Apparently, though, it doesn’t mean they’re planning on getting together anytime soon. Recording engineer Adam Wandleide said the band literally phoned it in.

Using popular teleconferencing software GoToMeeting, each of the band members dialed into a conference call and performed their new songs live while producers captured them.

“These guys are such pros, they don’t even have to be in the same room to make magic,” Wandleide said. “So many people make albums remotely nowadays, but NOBODY is doing them over the phone. It’s gutsy. It’s unprecedented. It’s going to be huge.”

The new record, tentatively titled Conference Call, features lead single “Hold On A Second Guys,” featuring rapper Andy Mineo. Wandleide said that collab was a happy accident.

“Yeah, the guys were recording the track, and then all of the sudden there’s a beep and the answering service said, ‘State your name,’ and everyone freaked out when we heard ‘Andy Mineo,'” he recalled. “Apparently Mineo hit the wrong meeting extension for an interview he was going to do, but instead laid down a sweet verse for us.”

Conference Call is expected in early Summer. 

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