February 27, 2021

Hi, my name is April Williams.  It’s a privilege and honor spending mornings with you hosting The Lifeline Morning Show.  Christian radio is an amazing tool God uses daily to touch hearts and change lives.  It provides a one on one connection with listeners that I’ve found very fulfilling and exciting for years. When I was a child, my parents thought I wanted to be a  meteorologist because I was always fascinated with watching the weather on TV.  I’d also pretend like I was on TV and radio making up news stories, and I’d spend hours at a time listening to music.  I grew up in Birmingham, and God opened the door for me to work with WDJC, which is where this awesome vision for my life began.  I’ve also volunteered with a few other listener supported stations as well as spending a few years working in country radio.  They say home is where the heart is, and that is definitely true because 88.5 JFM has my heart.  I love talking about my faith in Jesus, life and kids. I have two beautiful daughters who light my world.  I’m so proud of them.  Their names are Rachel and Lily.  My heart goes out to struggling people. God has brought me through the challenges of divorce, and God has performed many miracles in my life including glorifying himself through the weakness of being born blind due to the fact  I was born without optic nerves.  Over the years, the Lord has been gradually restoring my sight.  I’ve learned a lot through my challenges.  It’s inspiring to share stories about what’s going on in our world from a Christian  perspective.  So grab your morning coffee, and let’s talk. Email me below: