July 10th – Furry Therapists, Tree Houses & It’s Worth It!

On today’s episode we reveal that sometimes the best listeners in our lives are the most overlooked. But, maybe that’s not the case for you. Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday? Tell us about it on Facebook or Instagram. Also, one Grandpa was looking to cut down a tree that had become an eyesore in his yard. But, after he climbed the tree to start cutting it down, he realized that the view from it was spectacular. So, he built a treehouse. Isn’t it amazing how sometimes a little perspective, even from an obstacle in your way can give you a fresh view of your circumstances? Also, we want to remind you – though you might feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, keep moving forward, it’s going to be worth it! All of that and so much more on the podcast. Check it out and subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play Music. And, don’t be a stranger – if you enjoy the podcasts, let us know by messaging us on Facebook or Instagram.

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