July 2nd – Perfection, The 4th By The Numbers & The Power of Music

On today’s episode, we share one mom’s warning that you shouldn’t compare yourself to the pictures you see on social media. We bring you the powerful story of 1 man with dimentia who becomes himself when he’s behind a piano. It’s a fascinating story. And, with the 4th of July being right around the corner, we give you the numbers behind it. We really like the food part! We ask you why you’re proud to be an American on Facebook and Instagram. We share the story of a singer/actress who was given a second chance to chase her dreams. And, we’ve got the feel good story of a mom wh o sent her son on a plane with a note and a prayer. All of that and so much more on today’s show. Check it out! It’s cross-posted to Facebook, Apple Podcast, Google Play Music & our website, 885jfm.com. If you like what you hear, please subscribe.

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