April 16, 2024

30 Years Later, This 7 Year Old Did It!

Lindsey was 7 years old when she witnessed her dad make a sacrifice for her and the rest of her family. He got rid of a prized possession to get some cash to make ends meet. And, that memory has always stuck with her. She […]

It’s A Lot Simpler Than You Think

As we come back from Christmas break, we’re talking a litte bit about the things we can do better – from being more vulerable and sharing our struggles, to shifting our perspective to see the world in a different way. For instance: Danielle got a […]

A Big Ball Of Emotions

This holiday season is kinda difficult because it’s such a sentimental time, but we miss the loved onew we made so many memories with. If you’re dealing with sadness this season, I’ve got something special for you. Plus, I love sharing some good news with […]

How Do You Re-Gift?

One mom is kinda conflicted. She’s regifting for her 3 year old, but isn’t quite sure if she’s being awful or a genius. She could use your help. So, email your advice to lifeline@885jfm.com Plus, did you check your Christmas tree for critters? One Kentucky […]

Your Story Needs To Be Told

Everyone loves a good story. But, why? Because it lets us know that we are not alone in the struggles of life. SO, sharing your story might help someone avoid pitfalls and ultimate catastrophe, or as we hear from Mike Rowe’s story, it could help […]

Very Little, Actually!

The question is, “What does it take to make a happy life?” The answer is in today’s title, “Very little.” I’ve got some stories to highlight that fact and help you feel a little better in all the hustle, bustle, and stuff of the holidays. […]

Christmas Break is (Almost) Here!

Are you ready for some quality time with the kids? I want to help you prepare by defining a few terms your teenagers are going to be using in conversation (usually with their friends, but they may whip them out in front of you, too). […]

Want To Be Rich?

Celia wants to be rich, but not in the “Champagne Wishes & Caviar Dreams,” way. I’ll let her explain it to you. She really has a way with words. Plus, how much do you think a UPS worker makes a week? Prepare your jaw to […]

Just Try It

If you don’t believe it, just try it! That’s what Phil Robertson did when people kept stealing his fish. Hear how he applied a Bible passage to the situation. Did it work? Press play and find out. Also, it could have ended very badly, but […]

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