June 28, 2022

steven_speegle BIPC

My name is Steven Speegle. I’m a family man who loves talking to people. My faith is very important to me, and helping others discover who they are in Christ is of utmost importance to me. Being able to relate to people and convey a real perspective of the Christian life – our values, our struggles – is how I do that. Life’s a lot easier when you have friends, and I want to be that friend that picks you up and helps you have a great day. That being said, I’m not super-spiritual. I really like bringing a smile to your face with a spiritual truth tucked into the message I’m getting across. I love bringing someone to that, “aha! moment,” that, ” I’ve never thought of it that way” moment. It’s a talent that God has given me, and I love to use it for His glory. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL STEVEN.