May 24, 2024

And One Poet Reigned Supreme

We’ve had an experiment going all week long, with the help of some very talented 6th graders at Marshall Christian Academy. They’ve been working on public speaking & their poems have been racking up some votes across our socials. One student won this Battle fo the Poets today, by a single, solitary vote. I’ll tell you who it is, and let you hear their poem again. Plus, Macy Watkins had an encounter that left her scratching her head. She shares it with us today. And, it’s a reminder of how we should push for female sports to be just as popular as male sports. I’ll explain. Then, we’ve got a snake story, a man living on croissants for 6 days, some date-night deep conversation starters, and more. So, click play and see if you like it. And if you do, would you please subscribe & share? Thank you!
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