April 16, 2024

April, September 21

There are times I find myself feeling discouraged by what’s going on in the world around us. The news can be disheartening. But when I begin seeping into the abyss of fear and uncertainty, I remind myself that the anchor of my soul still holds. A friend shared some powerful verses in Ezra 9:8-9 a few years ago. I ran across them this morning. It’s powerful. “But now, we have been given a brief moment of grace, for the Lord our God has allowed a few of us to survive as a remnant. He has given us security in this Holy place. Our God has brightened our eyes and granted us some relief from our slavery. For we were slaves, but in his unfailing love God didn’t abandon us in our slavery.” Jesus has given us the gift of peace, but we have to accept it. He also challenges to “Look up, for your redemption draws near.” A lot of people are looking around, but He wants us to look up. You are a part of a chosen generation. You’ve been given a brief moment of grace for such a time as this. God wants to “brighten your eyes” by helping you to see little by little what he’s doing and how he’s working within you. Constant security provides a solid place of confidence in Him. Rest in knowing his purpose can be fulfilled through you.