July 23, 2024

August 19th – The Power of 1 Little Girl, Your Hobby & Staying Positive

On today’s episode, we tell you about Gracie, the 7 year old who is asking poeple to give her gifts for other kids on her birthday. We’ll tell you all about this selfless litte girl. Also, we want you to tell us about your hobby, for your chance to win some free food from Guntersville Chick-fil-A. We share some responses. And, staying postivie can be really hard to do in the middle of a pretty negative world. How are we supposed to do it? We give you some tips about that. All of that is in here, plus some great relationship advice from a couple about to celebrate their 68th wedding anniversary. If you like what you hear, remember, we are on Apple Podcast & Google Play Music. You can subscribe to the podcast there.

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