July 23, 2024

August 30th – Meltdowns, Shark Bites & Words for Hubbies

How do you feel when your kid has a meltdown? Pretty small, right? What if instead of getting the stink eye from strangers, you got some support from them. That happed for 2 moms, 1 on an airplain and 1 at Disney World. We tell you about it. And, husbands need to hear words of affirmation from time to time… things like, “I’m really proud of you for doing that,” or “way to go” or, “I’d still choose you.” We talk about it. Also, there are some stories you hear that make you want to stay away from the beach. I’ve got one for you. But, don’t worry nobody died. He didn’t learn his lesson though. Thanks for checking out the podcast! Have a wonderful day!

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