May 24, 2024

Christian Paul

On today’s show, we welcome Christian Paul into the studio via Zoom, to talk with us about what’s happening in his world. He covers it all – from growing up in Alabama, trying to make it with a boy band, and recently marrying his soulmate, to what brought him to Christian music and what’s next. You’re going to love this interview. That’s just 1 part of the show. We’ll hear from a Mom who wants her son to pay attention to 7 things as he starts high school in the coming days. These are words of wisdom for all kids everywhere. We’ll hear from a wife & mom who has just had enough – ever been there before? Plus, we discover a very vocal feline, give away some Lake Winnie passes, and take a look at our life through the corporate lense with some help from Brian Trent. If you like what you hear today, would you please subscribe & share us with a friend? Thanks!

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