April 20, 2024

December 30th – New Year’s Micro Resolutions, The Most Googled Thing of 2019 & He Turns Your Mess Into A Message

It’s amazing how God can turn your test into a testimony and your mess into a message. We tell you how he did that for 1 man who is now helping others. And, 2020 is almost here, so the struggle is figuring out how to be successful at those New Year’s resolutions. We give you what we think is the solution. Also, what we search for on Google says a lot about us. We reveal the nation’s no. 1 searched item. And, there’s so much more – like an amaing Christmas gift, what foods you should stock up on, etc… You nerver know what we’ll talk about. Check out today’s show. And, if you like it, subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play.

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