May 21, 2024

Every Stepdad Needs To Hear This

Our kids feel big emotions, especially if they’ve lived through divorce. Today, Mia shares with us an open letter to the dad who left her and to the dad who kept her. You’ve got to hear this. Plus, if you’re looking for a good hotdog, we’ll tell you where to find them across Alabama (our intern, Brayden shares with us that he doesn’t like mustard, or ketchup, or any condiment on his hotdog. He likes them dry. How weird is that! Pray for him.). And somebody wins a family 4 pack of tickets to Point Mallard Waterpark. You could win next week. We’ll tell you how. So, click play and see if you like today’s show. If you do, would you please subscribe & share us with a friend? Thank you! Here’s how:

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