May 24, 2024

February 10th – Dirty or Not Dirty? Cat Napping On you & Online Order & Pickup Snafus

April shares her story from the weekend, involving online shopping, local pickup and a DVD that she couldn’t watch. So, we ask you on Facebook if you have ever had a similar experience. We talk about your answers. Also, what do you do with the clothes that you just wore once? Do they go into the dirty clothes basket, do they get hung back up, or do they end up getting lost somewhere between the two? If you have a problem with that, we have a solution for you. And, Does your cat like to sleep on you? We want to know. The question is up on facebook and instagram right now. We share reasons why they do it on the show. And, there’s so much more in today’s episode. Check it out. And if you like it, please subscribe on Apple Podcast or google Play Podcast. Have a great day!

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