May 24, 2024

January 29th – Artist Joel Vaughn, NERF Guns & Heated Jackets

We play the New Music Mashup on Wednesdays (Instagram & Facebook). And, today is historic because the artist of the winning song voted on our Instagram page & talked with us on the phone this morning. Joel Vaughn is an amazing guy & his song “I Would Be Lost” is so good! He has ties to Guntersville. We live in a small world. Also, on a scale from 1 to 10, how cold-natured are you? If you’re an 11, we’ve got some news about a cool device that could help you stay nice and toasty. And, if one mom has her way, NERF guns will be flying off of store shelves. We’ll tell you what she uses it for! You’ll Laugh! If you like what you hear, please subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play Podcast. Have a GREAT day!

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