December 11, 2023

Kids Keep It Interesting

During Summer Break, our kids eat us out of house and home, but they like to get creative while doing it. This morning, we talk about the more extreme “Kid Cuisine,” and invite you to share your kid’s favorite recipe with us. The post is up on our Facebook page (88.5_jfm) drop a comment and a picture there. Plus, as parents we have the responsibility to give our kids the support they need to thrive. Hear about 1 dad who’s doing just that, to help his 14 year-old son’s budding movie career. You’ve got to hear this. And, are the Sesame Street muppets broken? I’ll answer that. So, click play and see what you think of today’s episode. And if you like it, would you subscribe & share us with a friend? Thanks! Here’s how:
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