April 20, 2024

March 18th – Student Feeding Program, Diaper & Wipes Giveaway & The Come Together Facebook Group

Mark Brickey with Sand Mountain Toyota joins us to tells us about their student feeding program available to students who normally receive free or reduced Lunch. Sharon Ainsworth fills us in on the diaper and wipes giveaway they are doing at Real Life Pregnancy Center in Albertville. And, how are you handling your kids being home from school? Did you find a store that has a big supply of toilette paper? Where’d you find the cheapest gas? All the answers to those questions, we need you to post on our new 88.5 JFM Come Together Group on Facebook. You can find the link to it at the top of our facebook page, 88.5 JFM. It’s a way for us to walk through this coronavirus pandemic together.

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