May 21, 2024

March 9th – Arab Mayor Bob Joslin, School Days & Bears Purr?

Arab Mayor Bob Joslin joins us today to talk about the Northridge Development and gives us updates on the splash pad repairs, his monthly prayer breakfast, the city’s paving projects & other things. We also had him on Facebook Live during this interview. You can check that out @88.5 JFM on Facebook. Also, what’s the most fun thing you remember from your school years… it could be your trapper keeper or the rectangle pizza – whatever? We asked you that on Friday over on Facebook & Instagram. So, we share your answers and talk about a few of ours. And, did you know that bears purr? We let you hear it & so much more on today’s show. Thanks for checking it out. If you like what you hear, please subscribe on Apple or Google Podcast.

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