May 21, 2024

October 23rd – DAR Students Save The Tatas, Dad Tips & Family Fun

On today’s episode, we tell you all about the amazing art contest happening right now at DAR High School, where student’s are bringing Breast Cancer Awareness through decorated bras. It’s a really good cause, and you can get involved. We tell you how. Also, for the father-to-be in your life, we have some tips to help both your relationship with him & his relationship with your baby. We share them with you and even posted them to facebook for you to check out. And, time spent with the family is so important. Steven shares a little with you of what his family did last night. It was “ooey, gooey and yucky.” That and so much more is packed into the show. Check it out. And, if you like what you hear, please susbscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play. Have a great day!

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