May 21, 2024

October 30th – Hallmark Channel in Alabama, Candy Corn Day & Fast Friends

On today’s episode, we tell you how Hallmark Channel is making a big difference in an Alabama community and how you can watch what happened. Also, it’s National Candy Corn Day. But, you can only eat so much of it at one time. What to do with the extra? We have some ideas and even posted a few recipes on our Facebook page. Go check it out after you enjoy the podcast. And, we have the story of 2 fast friends. Both are moms – one has a very sick kid and the other is an Uber driver. They just clicked! All of that and so much more is all wrapped up in a big candy rapper (because we’re 1 day from Candy Day). Check it out. And, if it’s sweet, subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play. Thank you. Have a great day!

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