April 20, 2024

Pickup, No, Reminder Lines

Where did all the effort go? I mean when you were looking to get that date, you were crafty & creative, using pickup lines to grab their attention. But now that you’re married, you’ve stopped. Why? Use some, “Reminder Lines.” They’re just like pickup lines, but for after you’re married. Hannah & Tray NeSmith (locals who are also on Tiktok) can inspire you. Plus, have you ever considered that maybe you are the blessing that someone else is looking for (no, that’s not a pickup line!)? Maybe YOU are the answer to somebody’s problem. Jesse Duplantis has something to say about that today. And, have you ever felt compelled to check a box on that doctor office form, out of embarrassment? Kelly Rossi found herself there recently. It’ll make you laugh! If you like what you hear today, would you please subscribe & share us with a friend? Thank you!

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