April 19, 2024

September 16th – Wake-Up Calls, Wrong Numbers & Veggies for Kids?

Have you ever gotten a call or text from someone you didn’t know, but you followed through with the conversation anyway? Sometimes those are on-purpose. We’ve got the heart touching story of just that. Also, have you ever had a real wake-up call? It makes you thankful to be alive, but it changes your perspective. That happened to one mom. We tell you her story and encouragement that comes from it. And, do you have a hard time getting your kid(s) to eat veggies? Heinz has your back. We tell you about their new product that can sneak them past their tastebuds. And, that’s just the highlights of the show. We talk about pets & favorite toys & our Tell Us Something Good Contest. It’s your chance to win some free food from Guntersville Chick-fil-A – up on Facebook and Instagram right now. Check out the podcast. And, if you like what you hear, please subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Play Music.

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