May 24, 2024

She Could’ve Kept It

It was a life-changing sum of money for Diane. After all, she was having to walk to work every day. She could have kept it. There was no way to track it. But, she knew what she had to do. You’ve got to hear her story and how it ended very nicely for her. And, that story inspired one listener, Mrs. Mary Ellis, to share about something similar that happened to her. Plus, our kids have to deal with huge issues sometimes, at very young ages. I’ve got the story for you of how 7 year-old Nicco is dealing with the loss of his dad. It is so sweet. You need to hear this. So, click play and give it a listen. And if you like it, please subscribe & share. Thank you! You can subscribe to the podcast for free on Apple Podcast, here: or Google Podcast, here: Or, you could listen live, weekdays 6am-10am Central, here:

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