May 21, 2024

Sisters Through Thick & Thin

There’s just something about family. You can have the biggest fight with a loved one, but at the end of the day, reconcile & choose to love one another, as you move forward. You’ve got to hear the love that Angel shared with her sister today on the radio. It will touch your heart. Also, he thought he was giving away an old typewriter. But, little did he know, he was giving away precious pieces of his family’s history. Luckily, one amazing thrift store employee stepped up and made it right. And, there’s so much more good stuff on this episode. So, give it a listen. And, if you like what you hear, please share it with a friend. You could also subscribe for free on Apple Podcast, here: or Google Podcast, here: Or, you could listen live, weekdays 6am-10am Central, here:

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