April 16, 2024

The Least Of These

Let’s talk about those people that we kinda take for granted, that we overlook – like the minor, minor characters in the story of your life. How much value do they bring to your life? After pondering that for a while I think you’ll come to terms with the fact that they have great value – from the trash truck driver to the clerk at the grocery store. I’ve got a story for you of one of them who just got his socks blessed off by a group of college students. You’ve got to hear it! Plus, have you ever wondered if God did something just for you? Michael Jr. helps us out with that concepts. And, so much more is all wrapped up in today’s podcast. So, check it out. And if you like what you hear, please subscribe & share us with a friend. Thank you! P.S. If you could use a little company Monday thru Friday from 6am-10am Central, and you want to come hang out with us live, here’s the link for that: ⁠https://streamdb8web.securenetsystems.net/cirruscontent/WJIA⁠

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