April 16, 2024

This is Real Life

So many times when you look at a magazine or Instagram feed, you see a perfectly appointed, meticulously manicured photo. It’s all smiles & clean, and mess free. But, that ain’t life! Life is messy, houses are lived in, and fashion can take a backseat to comfort. That’s why I’m so glad to see a trend going viral on the socials that showcases, and even celebrates, normal, real life. We’ll talk about it. Plus, how do you communicate with your deep-feeling child – you know, the one that’s living on a cloud or underneat the barrel at any given moment of the day? Sean has some advice to help you speak identity into them. And, Jesus had some pretty strong words for the Pharisees in Brian Trent’s day 8 in John. You’ve got to hear it. So, let’s get started. And if you like what you hear, would you please subscribe & share us with a friend? Thank you! P.S. If you could use a little company Monday thru Friday from 6am-10am Central, and you want to come hang out with us live, here’s the link for that: ⁠https://streamdb8web.securenetsystems.net/cirruscontent/WJIA⁠

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