May 24, 2024

Too Much!

Welcome to The Lifeline Morning Show, where we fearlessly dive into both the highs and lows of life. Join us as we explore the overwhelming nature of too much, be it the negative or positive. Today, we delve into the exhausting reality faced by mothers who juggle housework, childcare, and a full-time job, all with a husband in the picture. Prepare to hear from a divorce attorney who sheds light on this pressing issue. But hold on tight because we’re not all doom and gloom. Bud Williams has an uproarious tale to share about his unexpected encounter with an aggressive snapping turtle during yesterday’s fishing expedition. Laughter is guaranteed. So, whether it’s the good or the bad, we’ve got you covered on The Lifeline Morning Show. Make us a part of your day, subscribe, and don’t forget to share us with a friend. Thank you! Here’s how:
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