May 21, 2024

What Are You Looking For?

Window shopping is fine. I mean, when an employee comes up and asks you, “can I help you find anything today?” And, you respond with a, “no thanks, I’m just looking.” That’s all well and good. But, when you come to the store looking for something specific I bet you’ll try your hardest to find it. And if they don’t have it on the shelf, you might ask that employee if they have any more in the back. What you’re looking for matters. Tony Robbins helps us with that concept through an excercise today. Plus, Brian Trent has a few things to share with us about sanctification in a way you’ve probably never thought of before. And, she has a name. We finally did it! We named the car! I’ve got Lizeth with the decision on the show today. Thanks for being here. And if you like what you hear, would you please subscribe & share us with a friend? Thank you! P.S. If you could use a little company Monday thru Friday from 6am-10am Central, and you want to come hang out with us live, here’s the link for that: ⁠⁠⁠⁠

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