May 24, 2024

August 22nd – Ex Victoria’s Secret Model’s Step Of Faith, A Really Generous 7th Grader & Baby Shark, the Saga Continues

Nicole Weider was a Victoria’s Secret model, dealing with deep convictions. She chose to follow her faith and get out of the modeling busines. But, having been there, she has a testimony she’s using to dispell these body image issues that our girls are having. We tell you more about her and what movie you can see her in. Also, if you won $15,000, what would you spend it on? One 7th grader spent it all in one place. You’ve got to hear this. And, the Baby Shark song is taking over the world. It got a makeover. We play it for you and you can find the baby shark song on Youtube, to watch it for yourself. All of that and so much more is in today’s episode. Thanks for subscribing!

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