May 21, 2024

August 23rd – School Blues, When God Seems Distant & Prayer Lockers

One school’s FCA has set up a prayer locker. We tell you how it works and what kind of response it’s getting. Also, do you ever feel like God is nowhere to be found? It’s a really lonely place. But, we bring you some inspiration to pick you up out of that despair. And, school blues are real. It’s all over social media, with the before and after pictures of kids’ first day of school. We have a very local example to share with you. We also talk about the faith-based film, Overcomer in theaters now. And, we give you a preview of Jeremy Camp’s movie, releasing March 20th. All of that and more are on today’s episode. It’s also available on Apple Play, Google Play Music & our website. Have a great weekend!

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