June 19, 2024

Make That Rose Beautiful!

We’ve been following along with Brian Trent from Hampton, South Carolina, in the book of John. And, Brian just has a way of making the words come alive. You’ll love today’s idea on how to make & keep that rose (Your Life) beautiful. Plus, Toni […]

Caring Heart Outreach

One organization is going above and beyond to reach our local teens in big ways. Hear about all those ways from Felicia Jones, the Director of Caring Heart Outreach, on today’s show. Plus, how is your work/life balance? We get a little help from Simon […]

Water Down Your Faith?

Do you ever feel the pressure to water down your faith? It’s weird, right? It’s like you’re expected to fit into a certain mold at work and then at practice around other parents, and in other settings. But, we’re not called to that. We’re called […]

81 Year Old Best Friends

You’ve got to hear about the best friends who are taking on the challenge of traveling around the world in 80 days! Their story will inspire you. Plus, did the Bible really show up on the season 3 premier of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus? […]

An Opportunity For Love

Everyday they are around us – these opportunities to make someone else’s day better. I’ve got a few stories about that on today’s show – in fact, the daddy/daughter/strangers story might just give you goosebumps. Plus, is your childhood room still intact at your parents’ […]

And, The Big Winner Is…

Who’s going to win all the gift cards? Friday, we had a pay it forward train rolling when we stopped the Car-Line Competition, leaving somebody today with the chance to win a whole bunch of gift cards. Guess what, that train rolled a little more. […]

What Makes It Last?

Marriage is such an important thing. So, how do you make it the best it can be? How do you make it last? Some amazing listeners give us some advice today, with a few stories of the crazy things that have happened over the years. […]

What Would Granny Say?

With age comes experience. With experience comes wisdom. And, from wisdom comes great advice. What’s a piece of advice your grandparent gave you that has stuck with you all these years? That’s the question I ask on the show. And, if you’d like to answer, […]

Spears & 4 Year Olds

What a show we have today! Catching up with Becka Duke from Tiktok includes primitive weapons, haircuts, kid shenanigans, & pool naps. Also, Bobby Levine shares a lesson taught to him by Sophia, his 4 year old granddaughter. You’ve got to hear both of those […]

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