July 23, 2024

February 19th- Tenth Avenue North’s Jeff Owen, “Bible Memory Man” Tom Meyer & Parenting Wins

The Finally Living Tour is coming to Gadsden on February 27th. Tenth Avenue North & Micah Tyler are playing this tour together. We get to sit down with Jeff Owen of Tenth Avenue North and talk about what you can expect at the concert. We also get to learn a little more about the band & him. Also, the struggle is real when it comes to parenting. It has its ups and its downs, but you learn to take the little wins where you can get them, whether that’s having a successful shopping trip or getting them to eat their vegetables. We’ll talk about those little wins. And, memory verses are important. Our kids learn them at church and their given prizes for getting them down. But, what kind of prize comes with memorizing 20 books of the bible? “Bible Memory Man,” Tom Meyer has done just that. And, he’ll bring you some tips on how to easily hide the word of God in your heart. If you like the podcast, please subscribe on Apple Podcast or Google Podcast.

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