May 21, 2024

February 20th – Pastor Steven Swords, A Desperate Mom & Responding To Kids’ Anger

Victory Baptist Church’s Pastor Steven Swords stops by to talk with us about their spaghetti supper & auction, happening this Sunday, starting at 4. Then, have you ever been so desperate as a mom that you had to call 911? One mom was, for formula for her baby. It’s a sad story with a really happy ending. We share it with you. And, the mirror was shattered in a million pieces on the floor. This parent had a choice to make – react in a fit of rage or take the time, cool down and respond to the situation. We’ll tell you what she did & why it’s so important. Also, we have a conversation with Tenth Avenue North’s Jeff Owen about what you can expect at the Finally Living Tour, in Gadsden, Thursday Night, Feb. 27th at The Church At Wills Creek. But wait! There’s more. Thanks for checking out the podcast. If you like what you hear, please subscribe on Apple or Google Podcast.

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