May 22, 2024

February 25th – “No, I’m Kind of A Stinker,” Spiritual Bucket List & You Matter

One local mom has some adorable twins who recently had something to say about Jesus loving their hearts. We shared their video on Facebook and talk with their mom, Amber Williams Isom, on today’s show. You’ve got to hear this! It is so cute! Also, you probably have a bucket list – you know – that list of things to do before you kick the bucket (maybe skydiving or driving a racecar or seeing the Grand Canyon). But, have you ever thought of a spiritual bucket list? We’ve got some ideas for that one. We’ll share them with you. And, if you feel like your life is going nowhere, we have some good news for you. You matter, you are making a difference, and your life is so valuable. We’ll tell you how.

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