June 19, 2024

Grandma’s First Christmas Without Her Husband, Gets The Best Gift Ever From Her Family

This year was her first Christmas without her husband of 59 years. He passed away 7 months ago.

So, her family surprised her with the letters they had written to each other back in college. Because he kept them all.



My grandpa passed 7 months ago so this is my grandma’s 1st Xmas w/o him in 59 years. For Christmas we decided to gift her w/ letters we found her & my grandpa wrote to each other in 1962 while they were in college. He kept them all these years

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Her granddaughter posted the video on Twitter where it’s been viewed 15 million times.

grandma reads letters from husband college christmas present

“I just wanna say thank you to everyone who has been wishing my grandmother well and sharing kind words,” the granddaughter wrote in an update. “She is doing great and has been saying over and over again that it’s the best gift she could’ve asked for.”

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