May 24, 2024

Little Boy Quits Playing With Friends To Sit With A Cop Dining Alone

When Oliver saw an Omaha Police officer eating in the mall’s food court alone, he asked if he could join him.

boy quits playing to eat with cop sitting alone

Credit: Danielle Navejar

Oliver’s mother Danielle posted the photo of her 5-year-old son sitting with Officer William Klees to her Facebook page.

“Tonight I saw Oliver’s eyes light up like I never have before,” she wrote. “We were at the mall and he was mid tuck and roll in the play area when I saw his eyes shift to something behind me. I asked what it was and he said ‘mommy that police officer is sitting alone’ I said yeah, he is. You can go ask to sit with him if you want. Without hesitation he ran over and said ‘sir could I please sit with you’ they talked for over 45 minutes and it made Oliver’s year.”

Danielle told WSAZ she was moved by her son’s kindness to a stranger.

“I was getting him food, and I was, like, crying the whole time,” she said. “I couldn’t even order.”

Danielle said Officer Klees told her it meant a lot to him as well.

“It was really the highlight of his day because, you know, he doesn’t really get to have those good conversations,” Danielle said. “So I think it really meant a lot to both of them.”

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