June 19, 2024

March 13th – Desperation Church Medical Debt Relief, One Happy Little Girl & Washing Your Hands

Pastor Jake Hendon from Desperation Church in Arab is here to tell us about their involvment in cancelling some major medical debt for people right here in Marshall County. The entire interview, and behind the scenes, is available for you in video form on Facebook = facebook.com/88.5jfm Also, what happens when dad doesn’t step up for his little girl? Big brother takes it on. We tell you how one 11 year old really made his sister’s year! And, when’s the last time you sat down at the dinner table with your family? We share some scientific findings that say we should all do it more. All of that and more, like Danny Gokey’s new, “Wash Yo Hands” song, is packed into today’s show. If you like what you hear, please subscribe. We’re on Apple and Google Podcast. Have a great day!

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