April 20, 2024

March 16th – Co-Parenting After Divorce, Eric Franchois with Lifesouth About Blood Donations Need & Danny Gokey’s Reminder

There is a great need for blood donations right now. There have been fewer because of the coronavirus pandemic. So, we brought Lifesouth’s District Community Development Coordinator, Eric Francois, on the show to talk with us about the safety of it and where and when we can donate. Also, if at no other time, it’s so important right now to wash your hands. Danny Gokey actually released a song about it. We share the whole thing with you. And, divorce can wreak havock in a family – bitterness can grow & resentment can flourish. But, what if you choose not to let it. We tell you about 1 couple who decided they would try doing it differently. And, 28 years later, it’s still working. Keep the faith in the middle of this COVID19 thing, you’ve got an awesome God who’s watching out for you! Have a great day.

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